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Typical mistakes in application of steroids

Many people use anabolic steroids for increase of their endurance, muscle building, higher level of testosterone in a body and, as a result, higher achievements during workouts. These are well-known facts, but in this article we’d like to consider the basic mistakes which people make while using anabolic steroids.

When you use anabolic steroids incorrectly, you either fail to reach a desirable result, or obtain problems – adverse effects which can be easily avoided, if you are more patient, attentive and not so lazy.

Often people read information about how to use anabolic steroids very casually, or receive such information from their friends, who, in their turn, studied the rules of use of anabolic steroids insufficiently. As a result, they have information which is very deformed, and thus there is a high probability to obtain adverse effects or not to obtain the desirable result.

Before starting to use anabolic steroids, you should study attentively the rules of their application from recognized experts or reliable sources.

We’ll try to tell to you about the most widespread mistakes made by beginners during use of sports pharmacology.

Typical mistakes in application of steroids:

1. Use of anabolic steroids in "ultralow" or "ultrahigh" dosage.

2. Choice of ineffective anabolic steroids.

3. Fear of injection drugs.

4. Use of anabolic steroids for too short period of time.

5. Post cycle therapy is completely ignored or performed incorrectly.

6. Wrong combination of drugs.

7. Noncompliance of diet in a cycle. Incorrect workouts in a cycle.

Read more detailed information about each of the points thereunder.


Very often many beginners make a mistake, when trying to avoid adverse effects, they start to take anabolic steroids in a very low dosage. For example, one of our clients started to take Metandienone in a dosage of 5 mg a day. Every week he added 5 mg, and as a result achieved a dosage of Metan of 20 mg per week. Besides, the client had improper feeding. Such a “course” has led to a zero result in bulking.

For many decades of application of anabolic steroids in sports their minimum working dosages have been determined. For example, for Metandienone a dosage is 30 mg a day. For Turinabol an appropriate dosage is 40-50 mg, and so on.

On our website you can find a description of products in each category and minimum working dosages for each product.

Use of ultrahigh dosage of anabolic steroids is an opposite mistake.

Of course, while using high dosages, you can gain weight and muscle bulk quickly, however, it has to be said that in case of exceed of recommended dosage, the risk of occurrence of adverse effects is directly proportional to such dosage. The higher dosage, the more chance to have negative by-effects and to inflict harm to health! Besides, when you take high doses, you can gain weight quickly, but as soon as you stop taking a drug, you will lose weight will very quickly, and you will stay without muscles and with bad health!


Yeah, anabolic steroids can be ineffective.

When speaking about ineffective anabolic steroids, we mean that such steroid is used as a sole drug in a cycle.

We would not recommend to use in a cycle the below-described products as a sole drug.

In combination with other drugs, the below-described anabolic steroids demonstrate very good results, strengthening effectiveness of a cycle in several times.

Besides, these anabolic steroids have certain "specialization", when solo use of such drugs is justified by the purposes.

OK, you wish to try anabolic steroids for the first time, and your purpose is muscle building.

What is usually recommended for the first cycle?

Certainly, Metandienone (Metan, Danabol, etc.)

There are a lot of wrong opinions about these drugs.

Very often you can hear that you are going to have problems with your liver, kidneys, genital system and many other things. It isn't true. Any drug, if used incorrectly, can inflict you harm. That’s because these drugs are very popular, and popular things are always accompanied by the most improbable rumors.

Under the influence of false opinions, a person either refuses to use anabolic steroids, or starts looking for a safe alternative to Metan. The first trinity from a group of so-called “safe steroids” is as follows:

• Stanozolol

• Oxandrolone

• Turinabol

It should be noted that Turinabol is a perfect drug to start yours “steroid career”.

Other drugs used "solo" for muscle building are of poor effect or have no effect at all.

Here is a list of drugs which should not be applied "solo" for muscle building:

Stanozolol - it is good in combination with testosterones. "Solo" is effective for fat burning or for increase of speed and strength indicators in disciplines where there is a fear to drop out of a weight category; it is good for runners, swimmers and fighters.

Oxandrolone - it was created for application by women and children. It is usually used by women; therefore, men use it seldom. As a rule, this drug is used by sportsmen-beginners. It is useless for bulking by men.

Primobolan – expensive and low-effective steroid, if applied in low dosages. With high dosages, efficiency grows also, as well as expenses for such cycle. Primobolan is good for application by girls.

Nandrolone – has a very low androgenic index, therefore as a solo drug in a cycle is ineffective, whereas in combination with any androgen (testosterone, metan) it demonstrates miracles in muscle building.

Boldenon – a perfect drug for combination with androgens. It is effective both for bulking, and for fat burning. It is useless in application by women. Alas, it is ineffective in solo use, at least in a dosage from 200 to 600 mg per week.

Our choice for the first cycle: Metandienone, Turinabol. These drugs work perfectly in solo use. In combination with a correct diet and workouts you will have maximum results from application of these products.

3. FEAR OF injection drugS

People are ready to swallow tablets, but when it goes about injection drugs, they don’t want to hear about them.

Nobody understands that injection steroids are more safe than their oral analogues.

People do not want to use injection drugs just because of fear or prejudices, and they do not think at all that they are much more safe than oral ones.

From the point of view of psychology there are some reasons thereof:

1. Subconscious children's fear of injections.

2. Mistaken association of injection anabolic steroids with narcotic drugs. Many people think that making injections causes dependence.

3. Often people are afraid to make injections themselves, though it is very simple and safe with modern medical devices.

The main thing you should understand once and for all:

Injection (and any other) anabolic steroids do not cause addicting and dependence.

Injection anabolic steroids are more effective and also more safe, because they have no negative influence on a gastrointestinal tract.

Learn to make injections by yourself. It is very simple!

Nowadays there are a lot of videos on Youtube where you can find visualization of making correct injections to yourself.


We are often asked such questions:

“I have been taking drugs for two weeks already, and there’s no progress in bulking. Or “I’ve gained only 1 kg of weight”, or something like that. Help me!”

Or, for example, they say: “You’ve sold to me a product of poor quality. It does not work!” When asked a question: “How long do you take the drug?”, the answer is “2 weeks”.

We’d like to emphasize that during taking of anabolic steroids you need patience. The result does not come instantly. Drugs need time for “runout” of your body. For "short-term" drugs, this period is approximately equal to three weeks.

This time is required to set in motion anabolic reactions in your body to maximum. And it goes without saying, for muscle building a high-calorific and high-protein diet is necessary (otherwise no muscle bulk growth will be observed).

In order to achieve result to the full extent, optimal rate is as follows:

For "short-term" drugs - (elimination half-time 1-3 days) - 6 weeks

For "long-term" drugs - (elimination half-time 5-7 days) - 8-12 weeks.


Among sportsmen-beginners there is an opinion that a post cycle therapy should not be performed, if it is a first cycle or a short cycle, i.e. up to 6 weeks, or in case of use of drugs with short-term action: Metandienone, Turinabol, Stanozolol.

It is a big mistake.

A post cycle therapy is always obligatory. Its intensity and duration directly depends on duration and "severity" of a cycle.

You can read about a correct post cycle therapy in detail in other articles.

Ignoring of a post cycle therapy leads to severe disappointments in anabolic steroids, loss of achievements during a cycle, adverse effects after a cycle.

6. Wrong combination of drugs

All anabolic steroids can be conditionally divided into two classes:

• androgens

• anabolics

Androgens include:

All testosterones, Sustanon, Metan, Methyl Testosterone, Masteron

Anabolics include:

nandrolones, trenbolones, Stanozolol, Oxandrolone, Anapolon, Boldenon, Primobolan, Turinabol

We will not go into details. You can read about detailed analysis of anabolic steroids classification in a separate article.

Mistakes of steroid cycles construction:

• Application of two and more oral drugs simultaneously. Simultaneous application of two or more oral drugs is expressly not recommended. Such combination creates a high load on a liver and a gastrointestinal tract.

• Application of several steroids with progesterone activity. It is expressly not recommended to combine Nandrolone, Trenbolone, Anadrol (Anapolon) within one cycle.

• There is no practical sense to combine several steroids with a high anabolic index.

Any combined steroid cycle should be built as a combination of drugs: androgen + anabolic. Only in such combination drugs will complement and strengthen each other, working by a principle of synergy (1+1=3)

7. Noncompliance of diet IN a cycle. Incorrect workouts IN a cycle

We decided to combine improper feeding and incorrect workouts into one section, because these factors are very important for effective muscle building.

Often sportsmen-beginners ask such question:

“If I do not work out, and just eat tablets, would I bulk weight and build muscles?”

Forget about magic tablets due to which you will look like Arnold Schwarzenegger! Such tablets do not exist.

Sitting on a sofa and chewing chips will result in no other mass except fat mass.

Anabolic steroids themselves do not build muscles; but they serve a kind of a catalyst.

You need for muscle bulking the following:

1. A high-calorie diet. You should eat more calories than discharge during a day.

2. Muscular activity in a gym, highly intensive workouts.

3. Normal sleep, not less than 8 hours, better even 12 hours a day.

All three points are important. Without their observance you won’t build the body of your dream.

You can read how to bulk up with steroids cycles in another article. Here we tried to focus on basic mistakes in the course of application of anabolic steroids.

Be attentive while consuming them and consult experts.


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