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Sports pharmacology


Sports pharmacology is a whole science in the field of sports.

It studies the influence of various means on the body, in other words, the effect of the so-called steroids. Because in recent years more and more sports supplements have appeared, pharmacology is forced to keep up with the times to keep up with the development. After all, if the process of creating drugs for doping bypasses this science, then the consequences can be very, very unpleasant. Because new drugs cannot be tested for interaction with the body, therefore, it will not be possible to track how the body responds to a particular drug.

Sports pharmacology is a relatively young science. After all, not so long ago, steroids were not known as much as today. That is why a thorough study of this issue was not considered a necessity. Today, everything has changed dramatically.

The most common anabolic steroids

The most common are such anabolics: methandrostenolone, growth hormone, insulin. Methandrostenolone-popularly just methane, was widely used in the Soviet era. The essence of this drug is that it helps to gain body weight, it is not as strongly androgenic as testosterone, but has a great anabolic effect. The minus of this drug is toxic and makes large water retention, after the end of the course, the water leaves and the accumulated mass is no longer so large. But it became so popular because it is not expensive, affordable, and if you take and train correctly, you can achieve not a bad result!

Human Growth Hormone

Growth hormone is a rather very expensive drug. Accepted, as a rule, in the form of injections. Its viability has been disputed by researchers for quite a long time since growth hormone can be developed naturally by maintaining a proper, healthy lifestyle. Growth hormone is used for weight gain, as well as for burning fat. As a rule, professional athletes take insulin, because of its high anabolic qualities. As described above, sports pharmacology is a relatively new science. But new is only science. After all, the first vivid case of doping was recorded in 1886. Then the English cyclist took a mixed dose of heroin with cocaine. This case became known due to its sad outcome. The athlete died from an overdose. Since at that time there were no bodies that could control this issue related to the use of doping, this incident was not widely publicized. Just the death of an athlete, and no more. Unfortunately, further such cases were repeated more than once, which led to the emergence of such a science. Special committees have also been created that monitor the condition of athletes, take samples for doping from them. If the test shows that the athlete used doping, he risks getting a long disqualification. There are quite a few examples of such cases.

Dianobol-lab 20 is an oral steroid that has an active substance methandrostenolone (or methandienone) and this product is better known by its name Dianabol. This product is made by the manufacturer 7Lab Pharma and is one of the most used oral steroid in the world, therefore is one very popular steroid. That’s mostly because methandrostenolone is one of the most powerful steroids that are having an extremely strong anabolic effect on the host.


But whatever it was, many athletes continue to use steroids. Someone does this simply "for themselves", without any purpose, someone is contrived and finds ways to deceive the doping control. Perhaps today sports pharmacology is at the peak of its development. Although it is expected that further progress will become even more significant for the sport.

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