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On steroids, muscles grow even without exercise

On steroids, muscles grow even without exercise Study # 1.With steroids and without exercise, muscles grow better than with workouts, but without steroids

In the study, “The Effect of Excessive Doses of Testosterone on Muscle Size and Strength in Healthy Men,” a group of scientists led by Chalender Bhazin [1] proved that these steroids affect muscle growth even without exercise.

43 men with a low level of fitness and normal weight were divided into 4 groups. During the 10-week experiment:

The first group did without training and used a placebo.

The second group: also without training, but with weekly injections (600 mg) of testosterone enanthate. (This dose is 350 mg more than the weekly volume of the drug with hormone replacement therapy).

The third group: performed strength training and took a placebo.

The fourth group: and strength training, and received similar steroid injections to the second group.

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All groups ate identical. Results

It is expected that the largest weight gain in 10 weeks was shown by group # 4 (both classes and steroids): on average+6.1 kg. But in second place was group # 2 (steroids without classes)+3.2 kg. The third, respectively, of group # 3, training without hormonal support:+2 kg. Fourth, in group No. 1, which did nothing wrong and good except taking a placebo, there were practically no changes: on average+0.8 kg(obviously, everyone was fed with a slight surplus).

Study # 2. The effect of the size of the doses of testosterone on muscle growth without training

But Sh. Bhazin did not stop there. In another study [2], he studied the body's response to different doses of testosterone.

The experiment involved men from 18 to 35 years old. To inhibit the production of the hormone gonadotropin (helps the production of natural testosterone - apparently for the purity and safety of the experiment) they were injected with GnRH (Gonadotropin-releasing hormone), and then, for replacement, injection of testosterone.

At the same time, the experiment did not imply any power load for the participants in the experiment.

The experimental subjects were divided into 5 groups, each of which got its weekly dose of testosterone for 20 weeks:

• 25 mg/week

• 50 mg/week

• 125 mg/week

• 300 mg/week

• 600 mg/week

Members of the group with the highest dose of testosterone per week (600 mg) gained an average of 8 kg of muscle and lost 1.5 kg of fat. Conclusion: the more testosterone the body receives, the more muscles grow (but there is also a limit to growth).

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