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How to pay with Zelle

Zelle is a fast, safe and easy way to send money through your trusted banking app - or the Zelle app if your bank doesnt currently offer Zelle. No maximum or minimum payment. Only available for the USA.
To Pay for your order, you first need to be registered in Zelle either with your bank or the Zelle app. Zelle is usually available through online banking. Then you need to send us payment to our email address . If it requests a name as well, put Global I . Be sure to indicate in the payment details: IT SUPPORT (the sender can choose one of those). If this email does not work for you, contact our support we will supply you a different one then you would fill out the form normally below.
It is very important that you DO NOT MENTION this site or the products you buy.
Payment Validation: Once you have made the payment, you will need to send us the confirmation number, your first and last name attached to your Bank/Zelle account and the EXACT amount sent by filling out the form below and submitting your order. Please keep a screenshot ready in the rare event we cannot locate your transfer.
NEVER CONTACT the email we gave you to pay for your order, they are for payment purpose ONLY. Your order could be delayed or cancelled if you contact this email. Also, NEVER CONTACT directly ZELLE, for any reason.
We cannot accept payment from these banks listed, if you send a payment it will get rejected and the bank will issue a refund.
1. Fifth Third Bank
2. First Tennessee Bank

Zelle Receiving Email:
Company Name: Global I
The Reason/Memo: IT Support

If you mention anything Steroids Related / Pharmacy / "Boldenone" or any exact name of products you are buying your order will be canceled and you will be blacklisted indefinitely!
Information that you must tell us after payment.
  • Sender Info (Your Info):
  • Senders Name attached to Bank/Zelle account
  • Payment ID or Confirmation Number attached with Zelle transfer (usually consist of letters and numbers from 8 to 12 symbols)
Exact amount sent:
You can tell us the information in your personal account, either through the Contact tab or in the Telegram.

Payment Receipt: Take a photo or screenshot of receipt and upload here: then supply link below.

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