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Honestly about anabolic steroids

The vast majority of visitors to gyms, in any case, those who treat the training with "iron" not as entertainment, whose task is to somehow interrupt the grey days, but to responsible work, those who set themselves more or less serious goals, even if they are not related to performances on the competitive podium, sooner or later turn to such a class of pharmacological drugs as androgens and anabolic steroids. Whether it is good or bad, it is not for us to judge. In any case, within the framework of this article, the moral side of the appeal to "anabolics" will not be considered. What will happen? I will try to tell where to start for someone who has decided to try "steroids", but still has a very vague idea of what it is. That is, this article is a kind of manual for beginners.

I have already written many times that the lack of information is very, very bad. This absence generates not only an increased interest in the subject, carefully hidden from the media coverage, but also forces you to seek advice from people who often know this subject, leading the specialist to horror. The result of the activities of numerous "zal gurus" - at best, pointless money spent, at worst-acquired health problems. The purpose of this article is to give the reader, who is not familiar with this topic, at least basic knowledge about androgens and anabolic steroids, about the pros and cons of their use, about how to achieve the maximum result from their use, without exposing or exposing your health to a minimum risk.

What are these same androgens and anabolics?

Remember all these tips: “The cycle should be more anabolic rather than androgenic”? Until now, after all, many are trying to follow this particular rule. To evaluate the "value" of this advice, let's try, at least briefly, to determine what all these "androgens" and "anabolics" are. But first, it should be said that the term "steroids" combines all the drugs based on the steroid skeleton. In turn, the steroid skeleton is four benzene rings, combined in a structure called very difficult: cyclopentaperhydrophenanthrene. Each position of the skeleton is numbered from 1 to 17, and the rings have letter designations. The "forefather" of all anabolic steroids is testosterone it is a steroid skeleton with a hydroxyl group (OH) at position 17; like most other steroids, testosterone has two methyl groups (CHZ) at positions 10 and 13 (the positions of methyl groups are indicated by numbers 18 and 19). The molecules of all anabolic steroids to one degree or another copy the molecule of testosterone. Naturally, each of the newly created drugs is endowed with its special features.

Rings A and D are precisely the places in most steroids that change to give the drug the necessary properties.

If we return to the "androgens" and anabolic steroids, it should be said that such a classification has long been abandoned in international practice. For one simple reason - the inability to draw a "dividing line" between testosterone and its derivatives. If you pick up any "western" textbook or classifier, you will see that there is such a group of pharmacological drugs as "androgens and anabolic steroids", in short, called AAS. Without compulsory separation of its constituent drugs into subgroups.


Androgenic properties should be inherent only to those drugs that are capable, even partially, of turning into dihydrotestosterone. That is testosterone and methyltestosterone, which according to the domestic classification belong to the class of androgens. But there are also derivatives of dihydrotestosterone. These are drostanolone, mesterolone (Proviron), methenolone (Primobolan) and stanozolol. To some extent, the properties of the “parent” are inherent in them, that is, these drugs, albeit with a certain degree of conventionality, can be called “androgenic”. With one exception, which is methenolone. If you climb into this jungle further, you will need to remember that developed musculature refers to secondary male sexual characteristics. That is, judging very strictly, it will be necessary to consider muscle enlargement as a manifestation of the “androgenic” activity of a particular drug, and the drugs themselves, which promote muscle growth, are “androgenic”. There are also several signs by which drugs such as nandrolone or boldenone could be considered androgenic. So, in order not to make the final confusion in your head, it is better, nevertheless, to follow the international classification, and not to divide anabolic steroids into “androgens” and “anabolics”. And just add that the most powerful "anabolic" is testosterone. It is worth building all your "cycles" on it.

What to choose for a start?

As you already understood, it makes no sense to turn to expensive and rare drugs at the very beginning of your "pharmacological career" - there will not be much use for this. It makes no sense to focus solely on “safe” means - many of them are far from being as safe as is commonly believed, but in terms of effectiveness they are inferior, and quite significantly, to their “dangerous” counterparts. So what to do? Start with drugs that can give a result and not affect your health.

Oddly enough, but the drug number one on this list is testosterone. However, if you think about it, there is nothing strange here. As for the testosterone ester, which is worth starting with, it is cypionate or enanthate. Do not immediately turn to mixtures of ethers (Sustanon, Omnadren). A logical addition to testosterone can be drugs such as methandrostenolone or oxymetholone. True, the effect of the latter, alas, is far from being felt by all, but "methane" is a means "for all and everyone."

Nandrolone. In my youth, the traditional combination was deca + methane. Methandrostenolone from the Russian Akrikhin played the role of "methane", and the Hungarian retabolil produced by Gedeon Richter was the "deck". You can start with this combination. True, it should be noted that nandrolone is not suitable for everyone. Some people do not feel this drug at all, but this is not so bad. Some fully feel only the negative effects of nandrolone - a drop in libido, a decrease in neuromuscular conduction, which can lead to a drop in strength indicators. Do not also forget that nandrolone paired with stanozolol is "caught" "with a bang" during the doping control. And its metabolites tend not to leave the body for two years.

If you are afraid to use testosterone with "methane" because of problems with aromatization, and the "charms" of nandrolone make you give up even the thought of trying this drug, take a combination of boldenone and ralturninabol. The return, however, will be less noticeable, but there is practically no risk. Boldenone can be replaced by injectable primobolan (methenolone enanthate) - so the risk generally will be reduced to zero. But the return on the "cycle", respectively, will decrease. The remaining drugs are applied to; usually at the stage of preparation for the competition, so the beginner does not need them. In general, it's worth trying - at least for a short period - each of the listed preparations is "solo" to thoroughly study the reaction of your body to them. And only after that start to "combine".

The problem of fake drugs

Any drug will be effective in one way or another if it is not fake. Alas, the problem of fake drugs has always existed, it is especially acute now when leading pharmaceutical companies are slowly phasing out the production of androgens and anabolic steroids. Of course, it is impossible to give recommendations for all occasions that would help to protect yourself from acquiring a fake. Interestingly, the purchase of that other drug in the pharmacy network does not significantly reduce the risk of getting a fake. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every tenth tablet or every tenth ampule sold through a pharmacy chain worldwide is fake. This percentage is significantly higher in Russia and other countries of the post-Soviet space. If you want to act for sure, do not purchase the products of underground companies. Although it can be very high quality, no one guarantees quality in this case. Also, the fakes of the underground have recently become more frequent, oddly enough. As for the official manufacturers, so far no counterfeit preparations of such manufacturers as Altana (Spain), BM Farmaceuticals (India), Dynamic Development Laboratories Co., Ltd (Mauritius), Hang Seo (South Korea), Galenika (Serbia), Nordic (UK), S.p.A. Milano and SIT (Italy), British Dragon Farmaceuticals (Hong Kong), Iranian companies (Aburaihan Co., Alhavi).

How to build the first "cycle"?

Regarding the duration of the cycle, the following recommendation exists: set a specific goal and stop the "cycle" of AAS when this goal is achieved. Next - a little rest and - a new goal. But for beginners, who still do not know the capabilities of their body, nevertheless, it is worth introducing some restrictions. The duration of the first "cycle" (unless you decide to start with short "cycles") can be 6-8 weeks, after which it is worth making a break of the same duration.

We have already talked about drugs, as for their dosages, here we can adhere to the following rule: the total dose should not be less than 500 mg per week, and should not exceed 1000 mg, that is, one gram in the same week. A dose below 500 mg per week will not give you the opportunity (more precisely, the vast majority of you - there will always be unique ones that can progress on ultra-low dosages of AAS) to experience any noticeable return on androgens and anabolic steroids. Well, everything that exceeds a total of 1 gram per week is the lot of athletes who have been using AAS for more than a year. The indicated dosages are valid when taking testosterone as the basis. As for other drugs, the following approach can be used here: nandrolone and methandrostenolone can be considered (conditionally) equal in power to testosterone, boldenone, primobolan, again conditionally, can be considered one and a half times weaker (that is, 400 mg of testosterone can serve as a replacement approximately 600-700 mg of boldenone). The dosage of oxymetholone should be approximately two times the dosage of “methane”, and oralturninabol should be one and a half to two times.

How not to “crumble” after the end of the “cycle”?

As I said, many beginners take ordinary water for muscle mass. Aromatizing preparations, or drugs with progestogen activity, namely testosterone, methandrostenolone, nandrolone (in high dosages), oxymetholone contribute to its delay. It is clear that after the termination of the "cycle" containing the above drugs, the water will gradually leave the body. Not immediately, of course, but inevitably, and this process can be prevented, only again, "sitting on steroids."

So, the "diversion" of water after the "cycle" is impossible to avoid. Well, God bless her. It is much more important to protect the muscles from destruction, and this is not so simple. The main problems that will haunt us at the end of the "AAS" cycle should be considered low levels of endogenous testosterone and luteinizing hormone in the body, as well as high levels of estradiol (though not always) and cortisol.

The restoration of endogenous testosterone secretion sooner or later occurs even if it is not boosted. But for this process to go faster, it is worth using drugs such as clomid (clomiphene citrate) or tamoxifen. They will help restore the level of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the body, which will lead to faster restoration of the secretion of the body's testosterone; they will also fight high levels of estradiol. An excellent tool to influence the level of LH by increasing the number of receptors for this hormone is IGF-1. Great, but very expensive.


Oxandrolone can be considered no less remarkable, but equally expensive, to combat the increased level of cortisol in the body. This drug is also good because in moderate doses does not affect the restoration of endogenous testosterone levels. But, I repeat, not everyone can afford oxandrolone. IIf this is the case, you can use it (very CAREFULLY and in very small dosages as anticatabolic insulin. Or methandrostenolone - according to the intermitting scheme. It is interesting that during the recovery period, a drug such as clenbuterol can help. This is interesting because maple is not an anti-catabolic, it does not affect the restoration of endogenous testosterone production. Nevertheless, those who used clenbuterol after the AAS “cycle” noted that, in particular, there was no drop in strength indicators (in some cases, the force even grew), and the mass was much more successfully maintained. Finally, concerning a drug such as chorionic gonadotropin, there is no point in using it after a "cycle". But during the "cycle", preferably only (once a week for 500-1000 IU), there is definitely.

anabolic steroids

What to do if you have problems?

I mean health problems. These problems can lie in the widest range - from common acne to high blood pressure. Most often, it is the first, somewhat rarer, exacerbated reaction to estradiol (progesterone), which is expressed in pain in the nipples but can even result in gynecomastia. Problems with pressure and with the liver, and even more so with the prostate and other internal organs are much less common - this is the lot of more "advanced" users of AAS and other hormonal drugs. Therefore, we will not focus on them now, I can only say that in any case, after the "cycle" it is worth cleaning the liver (see “Protect the defender”, “Iron World” No. 1-2006), and in case of pressure increase (which is quite unlikely from the very first days of the first cycle, but still possible), you must turn to antihypertensive drugs, the choice of which is very wide.

Regarding problems with elevated estradiol levels. Itching in the nipples is not necessarily a harbinger of impending gynecomastia, but it can be considered a rather alarming symptom. But the appeared seal in the nipples (or in one nipple) is already an occasion to take emergency measures. Firstly, you should immediately take a tablet of Arimidex (Aromazine, Femara), and then continue taking the drug in half a tablet for another 3-4 days. However, the means listed are very expensive, so a combination of Proviron (50 mg per day) and Tamoxifen (20 mg per day) may be a more "budget" option. True, you will not manage here already for three or four days - these drugs will have to be taken until the very end of the "AAS" cycle and even a little longer. And secondly. With a seal that has already arisen, a drug such as bromocriptine (5 mg per day in two doses) is quite successfully coping. True, bromocriptine has very unpleasant "side effects", but you don't have to choose here.

In general, if you have an increased tendency to aromatize, you should be careful with the use of drugs such as testosterone and methandrostenolone. You should not even think about the use of methyltestosterone. And if you decide to use testosterone, you should not combine it with methandrostenolone and/or nandrolone.

As for acne, vitamin A will help to fight this unpleasant, but far from fatal phenomenon (it can be taken orally, but it is better to lubricate the affected areas), Roaccutane cream or the like. Finally, a wonderful remedy for fighting acne is ... Nizoral shampoo or any other containing ketoconazole as an active ingredient. Problem areas should be lubricated with shampoo, leave for a while, and then rinse.

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