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Testosterone cypionate

Recently, Testosterone cypionate has gained great popularity among athletes. This is a long steroid, the activity in the body of which is 15-16 days, and the elimination half-life is from 6 to 8. The drug is an oil-based injection. Since the steroid remains active in the body for a long time, it can accumulate and retain water in the body, and to some extent even more than other steroids. Cypionate is also used solo, but is most often taken in combination with other steroids.

Once in the body, Cypionate begins to act in the same way as natural Testosterone (the male sex hormone th­at is responsible for the primary and secondary signs of the male body). In particular, it causes a decrease in the timbre of the voice, is responsible for the normal level of libido, nervous excitability and aggression, and muscle growth. Testosterone affects anabolic receptors, which increases nitrogen retention in muscle fibers, which in turn affects muscle growth.

Even though Testosterone Cypionate has a huge number of advantages, it also has its drawbacks (however, like all pharmacological agents). The main disadvantage of this steroid is that it is very prone to aromatization, in other words, it is converted to estrogen. This is a female hormone, it is present in any body (both in the male and female), but if there is an excess of it in the male body, the process of feminization of the body starts (female signs appear). To estrogenic side effects include: fluid accumulation, gynecomastia, the growth of adipose tissue in the female type. Also, there is a decrease in libido, inhibition of sexual activity, in some cases it can reach testicular atrophy. Most of these side effects are easily prevented if you take the drug correctly.

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History of the steroid Testosterone cypionate

This drug appeared on the market of sports pharmacology in the middle of the last century thanks to the company Pharmacia & Upjohn. Initially, the steroid was in the shadow of Testosterone Enanthate, it was often used as an analogue substitute for the latter. However, after some time, the athletes began to notice some differences between the two ethers, one of which was that Cypionate provoked local irritation to a lesser extent than Enanthate. At different times, Teststerone Cypionate was also taken for medical purposes - for the treatment of lowering potency, infertility and loss of general energy, for improving the structure of bone tissue, with osteoporosis. In the 1970s, Cypionate was no longer used as a remedy for infertility. Today Testosterone Cypionate is one of the most popular steroids in the USA, Australia, Canada, Spain, Brazil and the countries of South Africa.

Characteristic of the drug

According to reviews, the question of how quickly Testosterone Cypionate is excreted excites many athletes, especially those who are professionally engaged in bodybuilding and powerlifting and are preparing for performances or competitions. But more on that later.

Testosterone Cypionate is very popular in different parts of the world, but it is especially in demand in the United States of America. Even though another effective testosterone ester - Enanthate is gaining popularity around the world, in the United States remain loyal to Testosterone Cypionate. According to statistics, it is US athletes who most often use Cypionate in their sports practice.

There is an opinion that the athletes of the United States give their preference to Cypionate, not only because it is more accessible than many other ethers, but also because of its powerful anabolic effect. Almost all the disadvantages of the steroid, including water retention, are easily eliminated with the use of antiestrogen drugs.

If you compare Testosterone Enanthate with Cypionate, you can see that the effect of these two drugs is almost the same, and Cypionate is not better, but worse, too. Both testosterone esters have a prolonged effect, both are an oily solution, are available in injection form. Such characteristics of the drugs make it possible to maintain a high concentration of the active component in the body for about two weeks. Enanthate has some advantage in terms of the release of testosterone, since this testosterone ester has fewer carbon atoms (the difference is one carbon), so the smaller the ether chain, the shorter the exposure period of the drug. Although in practice the difference in the period of activity is not so significant. Therefore, the choice between these two drugs is more likely to be affected by the price than by the difference in effectiveness.

In doping tests, the use of this drug can be detected for about four months after its last use.

Properties of the drug

All forms of injectable testosterone are characterized by an increase in muscle growth in host athletes. Cypionate was no exception to this rule. On the course, this steroid causes an impressive increase in strength indicators and mass. Since the drug is prone to conversion to estrogens, a significant percentage of the mass falls on fluid reserves (approximately 30% of the total number of kilograms gained).

This also served as the reason for not using Testosterone Cypionate in the preparatory course. The high estrogen level caused by Cypionate in a matter of days can provoke the appearance of the first signs of gynecomastia (signs can be very different - from pain to swelling and hardening in the nipple). To avoid such phenomena, you need to take auxiliary drugs (Clomid or Nolvadex). Reception of antiestrogens plays an extremely important role in the fight against side effects, so in no case do not neglect them !!! Aromatase blockers are widely used.

Since the drug has a pronounced androgenic effect, androgenic side effects also develop. The external manifestation of side effects directly depends on how quickly testosterone is treated with DHT. To prevent side effects, you can use the drug Propecia. It prevents the modernization of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, and also reduces the risk of alopecia, and other androgenic phenomena.

Steroid Course

Even though the drug remains active in the body for a rather long time, the optimal frequency will be to perform injections once a week. This is done to maintain a high concentration of the steroid in the blood. If you want to gain muscle mass, the optimal weekly dosage of the drug will fluctuate between 250-500 mg. The drug is taken both on a solo course and in combinations - in both cases, the result will not be long in coming. However, combinations of drugs give the best result, since in this case a synergistic effect is manifested on the course.

You must always take this steroid correctly. The motto "the more the better!" in this case, it’s not an option, since increasing the dosage to 800 - 1000 and higher you will not get results with supernatural improvements, but you will greatly increase the risk of side effects. As already mentioned above, to avoid the undesirable effects of estrogen on the body, you need to start taking Tamoxifen (10 mg per day) from the second week of the cycle. Complete the reception must be two weeks after the end of the cycle. Another option: take Proviron on the course. After completing the testosterone course, you need to replace Proviron with Tamoxifen. This will help restore the production of natural testosterone, as well as avoid gynecomastia and water accumulation in the body.

If the duration of the course is more than four weeks, from 3 weeks you need to connect gonadtropin (once a week for 500 IU). Side Effects of Testosterone Cypionate We partially touched on the topic of side effects and the way to deal with them higher. What unpleasant results should be expected from taking the drug?

The most common side effects are:

• Acne vulgaris;

• Gynecomastia;

• Female adipose tissue growth;

• Inhibition of the production of natural testosterone;

• Blood pressure increased.

Hepatoxicity is completely absent, therefore, the drug is safe for the liver. A lot of side effects and how they appear depends on the genetics of the athlete. Women are not recommended to take this drug, since there is a high risk of virilization and masculinization. Contraindications to use

• Prostate Cancer;

• Hypertrophy of the prostate gland;

• Breast cancer;

• Hypersensitivity to the drug ingredients;

• Puberty boys;

• Heart failure;

• Kidney failure;

• Liver insufficiency;

• Diabetes.

Testosterone Cypionate: combinations with the steroid

Combined courses are very popular today. The drug has an excellent predisposition to combine with other steroids, which allows to make bundles with many drugs. Many recommend a combination of Testosterone Cypionate and Nandrolone (about 200 mg per week of the first and second drug).

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