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To place an order in the online store you need not much more time than with a regular purchase in the store. And following our mini-instructions, you will do it easily and confidently.
1. How to purchase from our site?
-First you need to select the desired product from the catalog, then select the quantity of goods you need and click on the "Buy goods" button. The product will immediately go to your basket, where the provisional amount will be indicated. In the same way, you can continue to select other products and add them to your cart until you make the last order.
-If you have already placed in the basket all that is necessary - go to the top menu and click the "Basket" button. The order table will open, indicating the name, quantity, price and amount of the purchase. Also available and view pictures of the selected product. If you want to change the quantity of goods, then enter the new quantity of goods and press the "Enter" key on the keyboard. Click on the link "Checkout".

2. How do you ship?
Safe methods of shipment are used by us.
- The package is not marked with any information that is related to company’s name as well as pharmacy medications information.
- In order to have a safe way of shipment, we change the company that ships the package.
- Unnecessary questioned are rejected by sending small quantities in the package. In case the order is not small we divide it into two or three smaller orders, all of them at one cost.We care about the environmental conditions and the boxes are used twice and more in case they correspond to the order. Shipment from many European countries is performed.
3. Is there a minimum order amount limit?
We have started our business for our customers comfort and easy usage, so we haven't fixed any minimum order amount limit. You are free to order whatever you want in any quantity. Do not hesitate to place your order and we'll be glad to take care of the rest.
4. How to check previous orders?
You can find your orders in your account section "Order History"
5. Can the payment be seized?
No. If the transfer has not passed the verification by the transfer company, the money is returned to the sender.

6. What payment options do you accept?
The payment options can be found on the payment page. After the order is placed you are redirected to the payment page.

7. How long does it take to my order be processed?
The package is shipped in 2-7 business days, except weekends or holidays, after the payment is picked.

8. Why isn’t my tracking number visible?
Sometimes the tracking number is visible only after the package has passed the customs, in rare cases it needs more time as usual.
In some countries, the package is not trackable and we can't do anything about this.

9. I only received part of my order so far, why?
For your safety the package could be divided into more packages, you can check this information in the "My order" section.

10. Why the order is set as partial shipped?
It means that a part of your order has been shipped and the second part soon will be shipped.

11. What if I used the wrong address and the order has been shipped?
Unfortunately, we are unable to make any changes after the package is shipped.
We always recommend you double check the address information before placing the order. In case the address is wrong, you can inform your local post office to redirect the package to your correct address.
12. I have received a seizure letter, what should I do?
If you have received a customs letter with the information that the package has been seized, we will need a proof to be able to reship the package. Send us a photo of the letter and the envelope. A scanned document is not accepted.
13. Nobody was home and I missed my package
Usually, the post office stores the package for 2-3 weeks and only after that returns it to the sender. You can contact the post office to schedule a redelivery or even to retain the package for more time until you will pick it from the post office in person.
14. Can I return package to sender?
No, you can not return any packages to our shippers.

15. I received damaged products, what do I do?
We will need a proof of the damaged items, a photo of the damaged items and of the package. All this information should be sent to us.We are doing our best to pack the package as secure as possible to prevent any damages during the delivery. However, the package could be damaged due to the rough handling by the postal services.

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