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About Steroids

What are anabolic steroids?
Anabolic steroids are artificially synthesized equivalents of the male sex hormone testosterone.
The proper term for these compounds is anabolic-androgenic steroids. The "anabolics", "anabolic steroids", "androgenic steroids" and "androgens" terms all mean the same thing.
Testosterone has double effect on the human body:
androgenic effect: (or, masculinization): development of male secondary sexual characteristics (e.g., facial hair growth);
anabolic effect: build-up of muscular mass and strength.
For many decades, pharmaceutical companies tried to develop the natural testosterone equivalents that would have mostly anabolic effect (stimulating the muscular growth) and would have the reduced (or, completely cancelled) undesirable androgenic effect. Steroids have become the result of their efforts.
The best and the most expensive of the steroids available at the present time and used for gaining the muscular mass have anabolic effect only, but the majority of them are characterized both by anabolic and by undesirable androgenic effects.
Beneficial effects of the anabolic steroids.
The reason for incredible anabolic steroids popularity today is that they really work.
Professional athletes use steroids for improving the sports performance (endurance, speed, muscular mass gain) and for body drying. In addition to that, steroids significantly accelerate the recovery process reducing the muscular damage during the training sessions. This allows more frequent training and using heavier loads which provides greater incentive for muscular growth.
Many athletes enjoy the aggressive state that accompanies the use of steroids.
The benefits of steroids for the "ordinary mortals" of all ages and genders (adults and adolescents, men and women) include their ability to sufficiently easy (even without the need of practicing sports) transform the external appearance towards an ideal one: to gain the muscular mass and to trim fat.
Anabolic steroids are the drugs that improve metabolism and help the substances responsible for the body tissues' renewal to get assimilated more quickly. First and foremost, they improve protein and mineral metabolism. Given that the anabolics are based on testosterone, complements of this type provide the formation of a muscular masculine figure. Sometimes, anabolic steroids are prescribed to promote the muscular growth by medical specialists, e.g., in cases of extreme patient emaciation or after serious injuries or severe illnesses. These substances are prescribed by doctors when the human body cannot provide for the new cells production on its own.
Types of anabolic steroids.
The list of some of the most common steroids includes the following:
nandrolone (Deca-Durabolin or "Deca");
Different types of steroids are produced by slight structural variations of the testosterone molecule which allows controlling the degree to which the masculinization and muscle growth stimulation effect manifests itself, reducing unpleasant strong odors that accompany the use of steroids, improving the degree of assimilation etc.
If we take the testosterone molecule and remove a cluster of atoms called 19-methyl from it, we'll get a substance with strong anabolic effect of muscular growth stimulation called nandrolone, a very popular type of doping the effectiveness of which for muscular growth has been confirmed by numerous experiments.
Nandrolone is one of the most potent steroids used for muscular growth stimulation.
Further on, if one more cluster of atoms (7α-Alkyl) is replaced in the nandrolone molecule, we get a substance called stanozolol with even stronger anabolic effect (compared with the androgenic one) and resistance to degradation; it can be taken orally or administered by injections.
In addition to that, stanozolol produces no odor.
Designer steroids
Designer steroids are an especially dangerous type of anabolic steroids.
They are synthetic steroids that are produced illegally and can not be detected through the doping tests that are presently available.
Designer steroids are produced specifically for professional athletes and are not used in medicine.
These substances are not tested and do not go through approval procedures conducted by the respective authorities; therefore, they pose especially great risk to athletes.
Be considerate of your own body; do not take illegally produced drugs. Use only legal substances and consult the specialists before you take them.
Forms of steroids.
Athletes and amateurs take steroids orally, rub them into skin or administer them by intramuscular injections. Injections are the most popular route of administration.
The oral drugs are characterized by very short decay time; they are to be taken daily; the injectable steroids are usually administered weekly or biweekly; they are the most effective ones.
Recently, drugs in the form of enepidermic gels have appeared, but they are very INEFFECTIVEsince it is very difficult to deliver the necessary amount of testosterone inside the body using them as a medium.
The most popular method of steroid administration is injection; oral drugs and gels are very ineffective; the former decay very rapidly, the latter get inside in very small amounts.
Mechanism of action of the anabolic steroids used for muscular mass gain.
It is a well-known fact that the intake of testosterone leads to the muscular mass increasethrough stimulating the hypertrophy of type 1 and type 2 muscle fibers; in the process, their absolute number is not increased, nor is the relative proportion between the cells of both types.
(The type 1 muscular fibers are the slow, thin and weak ones; they are responsible for the endurance. The type 2 muscular fibers are the fast, thick and strong ones; they are responsible for the strength).
The mechanism of the steroids action is as follows:
1. The number of auxiliary satellite cells that promote the muscular fibers hypertrophy increases.
The satellite cells participate in the process of muscular growth directly: they start dividing in response to physical loads and micro-defects. Accordingly, the greater their number, the more intensive is the muscular growth.
2. Steroids stimulate the circulation of the growth hormone and of the insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1).
The growth hormone is yet another potent hormone responsible for the muscular mass growth. Together with steroids and insulin, it is a part of practically every athlete's medicine chest.
3. Anabolic steroids improve muscular oxygen supply. 
Testosterone facilitates mitochondrial synthesis and improves muscular oxygen supplythrough the increase of the red blood cells count and stimulation of the capillary network growth.
Testosterone (steroids) facilitates muscular tissue oxygen supply.
4. Steroids affect mood and motivation that are indirectly related to athletic effectiveness.  
Steroids' mechanism of action has to do with the increase in concentration of the auxiliary satellite cells that participate in the muscular tissues hypertrophy, improve the growth hormone circulation and the processes of oxygen supply and transmission of nerve impulses inside the muscular tissues which, in their turn, affect human mood and motivation.
The benefit of steroids for the muscular mass gain and improvement of the athletic performance is an undeniable fact that has numerous scientific confirmations.
However, it is worth noting that scientists have made great efforts to obtain purely anabolic drug that would not manifest the side effects of androgens. The wide variety of changes was introduced to the steroid molecules; this has led to the creation of a number of new androgenic anabolic steroids. Substances have appeared where both androgenic and anabolic activity levels were either boosted or lowered. Some anabolic steroids have been structurally changed in a way that resulted in even higher androgenicity and lower anabolic activity levels. Nevertheless, the attempts of creating a "pure anabolic" where the anabolic and androgenic properties would be completely separated have failed. Therefore, the so-called "anabolic steroids" are characterized by some androgenic qualities, and, vice versa, the "androgenic steroids" have some anabolic effects. 
And, most importantly: the anabolic steroids misuse (as is the case with any medications) results in harmful side effects affecting the body. Before starting taking any drugs, consult a specialist, conduct advanced diagnostic studies of your own body based on which a specialist can advise you a therapeutic course that would optimally meet the demands of your body and the tasks that you want to accomplish; always adhere to the recommendations strictly.
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