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Balkan Pharmaceuticals supports sports

Balkan Pharmaceuticals constantly promotes a healthy lifestyle, supporting sports teams and events in the Republic of Moldova.
One example of success in this regard is the Balkan Pharmaceuticals futsal team, which has already won a gold medal (Kelme League A/2016) and two silver medals (Moldova Cup and Joma League/2019).
The 2019 season started with two consecutive wins. In the first match, Balkans Pharmaceuticals defeated the recently advanced Steaua Dental with a score of 7: 2. It was a debut match for the national player and holder of the title "Best Player 2018-2019" - Sergeya Nikolaichyuka, who scored a hat-trick. Two goals were scored by Sergey Munteana and Konstantin Nice, both are players of the Moldova futsal team.
For Sergiu Munteanu, this match was a debut in his new role as head coach.
 "The position of the coach means a lot of responsibility for me. My goal is to create a cohesive team and an integral team. Together we win and together we lose. If we can achieve this, no one can get in our way. ”Sergio Munteanu told
In the second match, Balkan Pharmaceuticals defeated Olympia Balti with a score of 11: 1. Sergei Nikolayuk scored 5 times, scoring 8 goals in just two matches. Ion Untilov scored two more goals. Alexander Timbalist, Sergey Munteanu, Valery Kostin and Alexey Untilov scored one goal each.
This season, the team sought to win both trophies - the Moldova Cup and the title of champion in the Joma League.

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