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Balkan Pharmaceuticals supports a healthy lifestyle and participates in various corporate social responsibility events. The company supports the mini-football team of the same name (Vice-champion of Moldova) and the judo club for children and teenagers. Balkan Pharmaceuticals recently signed a partnership agreement with the Dax Club Association to support judo champion Denis Vieru. The development and support of a successful athlete requires serious finances, and we decided to come with the support of national and international judo champion Denis. "This will help the image of our republic, as well as the image of our company", said Balkan Pharmaceuticals CEO.The judo champion of Moldova and the world champion in this sport have high hopes that his efforts will bring success. "This is the most important year, this is the Olympic year, and all athletes hope for very good development of events at the Olympic Games. I think this is a very serious effort because professional sports require a lot of time and personal investment, and this is hard work. To understand this, you need to be an athlete", says Denis Vieru, the World Universiade champion and third place in the world Junior Championships. "The club seeks to support professional athletes and especially Denis Viera, who is the best at the moment, and we are doing everything possible to ensure that he performs well in the finals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In particular, we thank Balkan Pharmaceuticals for their support and assure you that we will make every effort to achieve excellent results", confirmed Konstantin Meriakr, president of the Dax Club association. Denis Vieru was selected as the best athlete of the year by sports journalists at the gala concert of the Association of Sports Press, gaining more than 3600 points. This year, Vieru became the bronze medalist of the Tokyo World Judo Championship in Japan, won gold at two Grand Prix and became the first at the World Universiade.Balkan Pharmaceuticals is close to professional sports, encouraging talent for success!
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