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•          250 g (33 servings)


•          cola

•          blue raspberry

•          peach ice tea

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  • 9 g (1 serving)
  • 360 g (40 servings)
  • 700 g (77 servings)
Per serving (9 g):
o 3,000 mg L-leucine
o 1,500 mg L-isoleucine
o 1,500 mg L-valine
o 700 mg L-glutamine
o 2 mg vitamin B6


  • apple
  • orange
  • blue grape
  • peach ice tea
  • tropical fruit
  • cola
  • pineapple–mango
  • lemon ice tea
  • kiwi-lime
  • cherry cola
  • water melon
  • elderflower
  • tutti-frutti
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  • 100 tablets (50 servings)
  • 200 tablets (100 servings)
  • 340 tablets (170 servings)

Daily serving (4 tablets):
• 4000 mg BCAA
• 1.5 mg Vitamin B6      

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  • 150 capsules (30 servings)
1 serving (5 capsules):
• 3000 mg calcium β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate
o of which: 2520 mg β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate (HMB)      

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Amino acids in USA

What are Amino acids?

Amino acids are known as the building blocks of protein. They are critical at the cellular level to help your muscles repair themselves after long and exhausting exercise or workouts. Their key role is to help bring nutrients all over the body. Whenever you eat protein, it gets broken down into individual amino acids. The body then selectively binds the amino acids into whatever protein structure it requires. Taking amino acid supplements can help with protein synthesis and overall muscle growth. Buy Amino acids online from our store!

Muscle growth depends on numerous factors including hormones, supplements, nutrients and exercise. These factors play an indispensable role in the various physiological processes such as energy production, muscle recovery, mood elevation and improvement in the strength and endurance. As soon as you finish your workout session, body is sweating hard, at that point of time blood rushes with great pace especially towards your muscles. Muscles in that case, if supplemented with free amino acids or more precisely Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), will grow in size because of increased protein synthesis in the muscles. Besides, amino acids act as a source of energy. While your workout session is ongoing or about to start, amino acids alone act as a direct source of power and strength. Therefore amino acids are essential for professional bodybuilders. Order Amino acids in our store!

How do Amino acids work?

The fate of an amino acid after it is transported to the liver is highly dependent on the body's needs for that moment. Some amino acids enter the blood stream, where they join amino acids that have been liberated during the constant breakdown and synthesis of body tissue. Other amino acids are used by the liver to manufacture many of the specialized proteins such as liver enzymes, lipoproteins, and the blood protein (albumin). Order Amino acids in USA from our store!

As these amino acids circulate throughout the body, each cell directed by its own DNA blue print, draws from the common pool of available amino acids to synthesize all the numerous proteins required for its functions. In order for protein synthesis to occur, an adequate supply of both essential and non-essential amino acids is vital. If one of the essential amino acids is missing then synthesis is halted. These partially assembled proteins are disassembled and the amino acids returned to the blood. Any amino acids that are not used within a short time can not be stored for future use. They are delivered back to the liver and stripped of their nitrogen. Which is then incorporated into urea and excreted by the kidneys. The remaining protein skeleton will be converted to glucose and burned as energy or converted to fat or glycogen for storage. Buy amino acids in USA at a low price from our store!

Although protein synthesis is very important, the body's number one priority is to obtain sufficient energy to carry on vital functions such as circulation, respiration and digestion. Therefore, in the absence of adequate dietary carbohydrates and fat calories, the body will break down not only dietary protein but protein in the blood, liver, pancreas, muscles, and other tissues in order to maintain vital organs and functions. Buy Amino acids at a low price in USA from our store!

Where to buy Amino acids?

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