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Anabolic steroids for gaining muscle mass. Buy anabolic steroids in USA - Big-Up.Shop

Some people find that taking anabolic steroids is very modern and safe. Others claim that they cause irreparable harm to the body and can even be fatal. Buy anabolic steroids online in our store.

Many of those who use them swear that they are independent of "chemistry" and can quit anabolics at any time. Others admit that life is better on anabolic steroids and do not plan to abandon them.

Often, recreational (non-competing) bodybuilders claim that the effects of anabolic steroids are not as significant as everyone thinks. But even a superficial look at the professionals is enough to suggest a completely different thing. Buy anabolic steroids in USA - Big-Up.Shop

It's true - there are many mysteries around the use of anabolic steroid drugs and even more confusion. As with most things related to fitness and health, there is no shortage of a wide variety of points of view.

This article is about how anabolic steroids work to gain muscle mass, how effective they are, their side effects, and how to recognize if an athlete is taking “chemistry” or not. Buy anabolic steroids online in our store.

anabolicAnabolic steroids, also known more properly as anabolic–androgenic steroids (AAS), are steroidal androgens that include natural androgens like testosterone as well as synthetic androgens that are structurally related and have similar effects to testosterone. They are anabolic and increase protein within cells, especially in skeletal muscles, and also have varying degrees of androgenic and virilizing effects, including induction of the development and maintenance of masculine secondary sexual characteristics such as the growth of facial and body hair. The word anabolic, referring to anabolism, comes from the Greek ἀναβολή anabole, "that which is thrown up, mound". Androgens or AAS are one of three types of sex hormone agonists, the others being estrogens like estradiol and progestogens like progesterone.

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How effective are anabolic steroids? Buy anabolic steroids online in our store.

Many anabolic steroid users would like you to believe that their superhuman bodies are more associated with hard work than with medicines, but this is simply not true.

Yes, it takes a lot of hard work to create a top-level physique, but it also takes a lot of pharmacology.

The reason for this is quite simple: there are natural restrictions on muscle growth and fat loss. And then you encounter problems: you cannot eat enough food to feel good, the training load seems unbearable, sleep suffers, your sex drive drops sharply, and your energy level decreases. The right drugs all change this completely. Buy anabolic steroids online in our store.

Here are the results of one famous study by the University of Maastricht.

The course of clinical trials lasted 10 weeks. The researchers divided the patients into 4 groups:

  1. - placebo without exercise
  2. - testosterone without exercise
  3. - exercise without testosterone
  4. - exercises plus testosterone.

In groups with exercises, the patients trained 3 times a week (standard) for 12 sets of 6 reps.

The “testosterone without exercise” group gained more muscle mass than the guys who trained 3 times a week.

A few more figures:

In the first year of bodybuilding, a natural athlete is maximally able to gain no more than 9-11 kilograms of muscle mass (and women - about half of this).

So, with a properly designed anabolic steroid course, diet and training program for 2-4 months, you can achieve the same thing that a natural athlete will need a year. Buy anabolic steroids in USA - Big-Up.Shop

Popular anabolic steroids in USA. 

Anabolic Testosterone

Testosterone has always existed; after all, it is a natural hormone. Even in ancient times, they understood its power. During the first Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, athletes regularly consumed raw testicles of animals in preparation for the competition - because testosterone is produced in the testes. And although they most likely did not understand what was the secret, they already noticed at that time that this provided a set of advantages.

In 1931, the German chemist Adolf Butenand extracted androstenone from the urine, and in 1934 Leopold Ruzicka developed a method for the synthesis of the hormone.

This breakthrough in medical science was considered so remarkable that both Butenand and Ruzhichka received the Nobel Prize for their work in 1939. So testosterone in its pure form became available for mass consumption. Buy anabolic steroids online in our store.
Buy anabolic steroids online in our store.

The main effects of testosterone:

  • Increases muscle nitrogen
  • Increases protein synthesis
  •  Increases blood cell count
  • Increases overall metabolic activity
  • Suppresses glucocorticoids (catabolic hormones)
  • Increases the production of IGF-1, an insulin-like growth factor.

Buy Anabolic Steroids Dianabol in USA (Danabol, D-Bol)/ 

anabolic steroids danabolAlso known as methandrostenolone. The second-ever (appeared in 1958) anabolic steroid created by physician John Ziegler specifically for the US Olympic team. Since then, anabolic steroid drugs have been widely used in sports. Danabol is the king of steroids and, without a doubt, the most talked about anabolic on the planet. This is explained by the fact that practically nothing compares with it in terms of increasing strength and gaining muscle mass. Buy anabolic steroids online in our store.

Methandrostenalon (“methane”) is a very powerful drug and can turn any skinny guy into a mountain of muscles. Arnold Schwarzenegger also admitted that he was taking D-Bol (Dianabol) to help gain muscle mass, and he is considered the greatest authority in bodybuilding.

In just a few weeks, you can gain up to 8-10 kilograms of weight. Naturally, some of this will be water, since dianabol is highly aromatized, but this is easily corrected by taking an aromatase inhibitor (letrozole). Arnold took this drug back in the 70s, and he did not look “swimming”, so everything is individual - it depends on the person. Dianabol can also temporarily raise blood pressure, however it is usually self-regulating after the end of the course of administration. Buy anabolic steroids online in our store.

Buy Anabolic Steroids Anadrol in USA (oxymetholone) 

anabolic steroids Oxymetholone Oral SteroidsThey do not talk too much about anadrol, but for gaining muscle mass and strength, it is second only to dianabol. This is not too surprising - anadrol is very chemically similar to D-Bol, since they are a derivative of dihydrotestosterone.

You can expect to gain up to 12-14 kg of weight in just 4 weeks of anadrol cycle. This weight will consist of muscle tissue and water. Anadrol is best used in combination with other steroid drugs, such as methandrostenolone, because after a cycle anabolic steroids, your muscle mass can quickly disappear. While when combined with "base anabolic steroids" such as testosterone, deca-durabolin or trenbolone, most of the scores remain after the course is completed.

Buy Anabolic Steroids Sustanon 250. Buy anabolic steroids in USA - Big-Up.Shop.

Sustanon 250 is a combination of testosterone esters - propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate and decanoate, a combination of these four esters was created to eliminate the need to constantly administer the drug. You will only need to make one injection per month, since the esters of these anabolic steroids have been programmed to slow release in the body. Many users of Sustanon 250 were delighted with this in the 80s and 90s, now smaller, as the drug seems to be no better than other forms of testosterone. In addition to the convenience that it brings when you inject just once a month; there is nothing more. Buy anabolic steroids online in our store.

Since this is testosterone, some of the positive effects that you notice will be the same with all other testosterones. Having a lot of testosterone in your body will mean a lot more muscle gain and a lot more fat loss in the long run. People who took Sustanon 250 experienced an increased level of aggression as they became stronger and faster, able to train more. The drug also increases the number of red blood cells in the body. For this reason, it can be used to treat anemia, which is a condition when red blood cells in the body are below normal. An increase in the number of red blood cells in the body also leads to an increase in stamina. Some of the set of side effects associated with aromatization, and this means that you have to deal with gynecomastia and virilization (taking an aromatase inhibitor - letrozole). Hair loss and oily skin are also common side effects. Buy anabolic steroids online in our store.

Buy Anabolic Steroids Trenbolone in USA.  

anabolic steroids substance trenboloneTrenbolone is a modified compound of nandrolone (otherwise known as deca durabolin), but is four times stronger than its power. It is considered one of the most powerful anabolic steroids for gaining muscle mass of all time.

When it is taken, the levels of testosterone and IGF-1, an insulin-like growth factor, increase dramatically. It is very widely used in professional bodybuilding in preparation for competitions. Buy anabolic steroids online in our store.

Trenbolone also provokes a sharp surge in protein synthesis, giving the muscles a positive nitrogen balance, contributing to further muscle growth .

Trenbolone is an amazing drug, but it has some disadvantages that include increased sweating, loss of libido, and insomnia due to an increase in heart rate.


Buy Anabolic Steroids Deca in USA Durabolin (retabolil) Deca. 

The official name for Deca is Nandrolone.

DecaDurabolin, although not the most powerful anabolic for muscle building, is undeniably effective. Its obvious difference from other steroid preparations is that progress (gain in muscle mass) is most noticeable when looking in the mirror.

This is because the weight gain you will experience with nandrolone will be much more modest compared to anadrol or dianabol. For example, using methandrostenolone or anadrol, you can gain up to 12-14 kilograms per short cycle; while with Deca Durabolin, you can count on a set of “only” 5-6 kilograms of weight. Buy anabolic steroids online in our store.

However, with Deca, a set of dry muscle tissue occurs almost 100%, without water retention. Thus, the gained muscle mass remains for a very long time. The drug is slightly toxic, easy to tolerate. Because of these properties, DecaDurabolin is very popular for combined courses:

  1. Deca Plus Sustanon 250
  2. Deca Plus Dianabol (methandrostenolone)

Buy Anabolic Steroids Equipoise in USA (Boldenon).

anabolic steroids Injectable Steroids Equipoise BoldenonaThis is more or less the same as dianabol, with the difference that the degree of aromatization in Equipoise compared to D-Bol was reduced due to the addition of a double bond between the first and second carbon atoms. For the rest of humanity, which cares less about the chemical structure, what does this mean? This means that equipoise has the same effect as all testosterone hormones, and unpleasant side effects associated with aromatization are dramatically reduced. Equipoise is closer to testosterone than to deca durabolin (retabolil), used to gain lean, lean muscle mass. Very often in combination with Deca Durabolin. Buy anabolic steroids online in our store.




As a result

Features of the use of anabolic steroids. Every modern person must independently decide for himself how he sees his own body and what he wants to achieve through balanced nutrition and training. Since many of us are maximalists, we are used to setting high goals. These are exactly the kind of athletes who strive to do faster or more efficiently than their rivals in competitions. To achieve such a result is impossible without an integrated approach. In order not to regret the not-so-impressive result, it is better to combine exhausting exercises with the use of special drugs, which can increase their effectiveness. Buy anabolic steroids online in our store.

Today, anabolic steroids are a common type of pharmacology that athletes take. It is these drugs that allow you to surpass competitors and complete the task set for yourself. It is only necessary not to forget about the rules and doses of their application to minimize the risk of manifestation of negative factors. High-quality sports pharmacology makes it possible to make the muscles more dense, as well as increase the relief of the body.

anabolic steroids for man and womenAfter taking the drugs, a recovery period usually follows, which is now happening at times more efficiently. As a result, the athlete has additional opportunities for training. Pharmacology makes it possible to buy anabolic steroids, thanks to which the athlete's potential becomes even more obvious. Now training is even more productive, and the results are not long in coming. An additional effect of some drugs is to improve potency, which is also important.

In general, the positive impact is an indisputable fact. If you buy anabolic steroids in USA - Big-Up.Shop.

, then with their help you can get a positive psychological attitude, which will increase the desire to perform workouts. A distinctive quality of taking drugs is an increase in appetite, which is important for ambitious athletes. Buy anabolic steroids online in our store.

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